You will find here some bibliography done with our equipments around the world.

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Year: 2013

  • M., A.-R., M., A., E., L.-U., C., M.-R., S., B., L., A.-L. et al. (2013). Brown bear double freezing: Effect of elapsed time and use of PureSperm gradient between freeze-thaw cycles. Cryobiology, 67, 339-346.[More]
  • C., C., S., M., S., R., A., D. B. & G., C. (2013). The time-dependent effects of prostate granules and seminal plasma on the capacitation, acrosome reaction, and motility of rabbit sperm. Animal Reproduction Science, 140, 97-102.[More]
  • F., C., M., B., S., V., N., F. R. & J., C. (2013). Subcellular localization of selectively permeable aquaporins in the male germ line of a marine teleost reveals spatial redistribution in activated spermatozoa. Biology of Reproduction, 89, 1-17.[More]

Year: 2012

  • Blanch, E., Tomás, C., Graham, J. & Mocé, E. (2012). Response of boar sperm to the treatment with cholesterol-loaded cyclodextrins added prior to cryopreservation. Reproduction in Domestic Animals. Reproduction in Domestic Animals, 47(959-964).[More]
  • V., G., S., P. D., F., M.-J., I., M., L., P. & F., A. J. (2012). Comparison of two techniques for the morphometry study on gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata) spermatozoa and evaluation of changes induced by cryopreservation.. Theriogenology, 77, 1078-1087.[More]
  • J., M.-S., E., T., M., S.-A. & M., L.-B. (2012). Retinol might stabilize sperm acrosomal membrane in situations of oxidative stress because of high temperatures.. Theriogenology, 79, 367-373.[More]
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  • I., P., D., D. O., L., S., J., M.-A., C., C., M., V. J. et al. (2012). Differences in the ability of spermatozoa from individual boar ejaculates to withstand different semen-processing techniques.. Animal Reproduction Science, 132, 66-73.[More]
  • C., S., C., F. M., M., S., A., G., de Murga M., N. & de Murga J., N. (2012). Efecto de la cámara de recuento utilizada sobre los parámetros espermáticos, analizados con el ISASv1®. Revista Internacional de Andrología, 10, 132-138.[More]
  • L., Y. J., A., M. J. & P., S. (2012). TRIS buffer improves fluorescence yield of ram spermatozoa when evaluating membrane integrity. Microscopy Research Technollogy, 75, 520-523.[More]
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