You will find here some bibliography done with our equipments around the world.

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Year: 2007

  • Saravia, F., Morán, J. M., Soler, C., Muriel, A., Rodríguez-Martínez, H., Peña, F. J. et al. (2007). Differences in boar sperm head shape and dimensions recorded by computer-assisted sperm morphometry are not related to chromatin integrity. , .[More]
  • Herreros, M. G. (2007). Estudio morfométrico mediante sistema computarizado del espermatozoide de verraco ibérico. , .[More]
  • M., G.-H., J., B. F., M., A. I., J., S. A., J., G.-M. & C., G. M. (2007). Morphometric changes in boar spermatozoa induced by cryopreservation.. International Journal of Andrology, 31, 490-498.[More]
  • M., A. I., J., B. M., C., G. M., M., G.-H., L., G.-F., A., T. J. et al. (2007). Porcine sperm motility is regulated by serine phosphorylation of the glycogen synthase kinase-3α. Reproduction, 134, 435-444.[More]

Year: 2006

  • Núñez-Martínez, I., Peña, F. J. & Morán, J. M. (2006). A Three-Step Statistical Procedure to Identify Sperm Kinematic Subpopulations in Canine Ejaculates: Changes after Cryopreservation. , .[More][Online version]
  • Nunez-Martínez, I., Moran, J. M. & Peña, F. J. (2006). Two step cluster procedure after principal component analysis identifies sperm subpopulations in canine ejaculates and its relation to cryoresistance. , .[More]
  • M., G.-H., M., A. I., J., B. F., J., G.-M. & C., G. M. (2006). Standardization of sample preparation, staining and sampling methods for automated sperm head morphometry analysis of boar spermatozoa.. International Journal of Andrology, 29, 553-563.[More]
  • J., P. F., I., N.-M. & M., M. J. (2006). Semen technologies in dog breeding: an update.. Reproduction in Domestic Animals, 41, 21-29.[More]
  • J., P. F., F., S., I., N.-M., A., J., M., W. & H., R. M. (2006). Do different portions of the boar ejaculate vary in their ability to sustain cryopreservation?. Animal Reproduction Science, 93, 1010-113.[More]

Year: 2005

  • Soler, C., Gadea, B., Soler, A. J., Fernández-Santos, M. R., Esteso, M. C., Núñezez, J. et al. (2005). Comparison of three different staining methods for the assessment of epididymal red deer sperm morphometry by computerized analysis with ISAS1. , .[More][Online version]
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