Seminal Dosis Production

Spermatozoa are recognized by tail-detection!
Sperm is digitally "washed" by morphologic analysis!
Motility & Concentration & Morphology are done at the same time!
Accurate concentration!

 Motility, concentration and
morphology in one click!
Thousand of sperms are analyzed
in few seconds! 
 Doses calculations                                                                              

 conejo isaspcun web 
- Total number of spermatozoa (per ml and per ejaculate)
- Progressive movement (per ml and per ejaculate)
- Tail morphology  (per ml and per ejaculate)
- Normality and motility
- Useful spermatozoa  (per ml, per ejaculate and per doses) 
- Tail abnormalities
- Cytoplasmic droplets

 Capture and analyze five fields in 45 seconds
The cell is amplified by passing the mouse over
Colors and shapes mark different spermatozoa

The new concept for right spermatozoa selection is based on simultaneous analysis of motility and morphology cell by cell

Increase your seminal doses production by up to 40%.

- Precise doses calculation.
- Morphometry detection in real time and without staining.
- Cytoplasmic droplets recognition.
- Tail analysis.
- Useful spermatozoadefinition.
- You can save the images and results in a database. 
- You can make daily, monthly, yearly, the same animal.
-Excel Reports.
Spanish French 
English Chinese 
Russian Dutch
Portuguese Finish
- Trinocular  microscope, with 10xPH- objective,
3W LED illumination and a heated stage
(0.06ºC resolution, 0.1ºC stability).
- 1/2" CCD progressive camera. 768x576 pixels,
working at 60fps.
- DELL computer, with Windows OS

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