UB200i Microscope Series

Advanced upright microscope

UB200i is our contribution for your application in medicine, clinical laboratories,
pathology, and biology, form routine task to research. Equipped with Advanced UCIS
infinity optics and ergonomic, flexible, stable, high eficiency mechanism, UB200i can
satisfy your observation of brightfield, darkfield, polarization, phase­contrast, and
fuorescence. Our standard for CASA systems.
 Basic composition  
Main body
­ - Coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob, height
­ - Revolving nosepiece: quintuple, inward facing.
­ - Power supply 110/220V, 50/60Hz, 5W.
­ - LED lamp 4W (equivalent to 50W halogen
­ - Binocular or trinocular.
­ - 30o inclined.
­ - Diopter adjustable.
­ - C­-mount adapter (trinocular)
Interpupillary distance
­ - Interpupillary distance 48­75mm
Plan eyepiece
­ - WF10X/20, High eye­point up to 21mm (pair)
­ - Infinity Plan Objective 4X/0.13
­ - Infinity Plan Objective 10X/0.30
­ - Infinity Plan Objective 40X/0.70 (Spring)
­ - Infinity Plan Objective 100X/1.25 (Spring,Oil)
­ - Green (GIF) and Grass Glass.
­ - Inmersion oil (8 ml)
­ - Allow screw drivers
­ - Power cord
­ - ISAS HEAT Stage for UB200i
­ - Phase contrast condenser.
­ - Centering telescope
­ - Full set of phase contrast
optics, both positive and
­ - Epifluorescence system with
filters for common analysis
(DAPI, Hoetsch, Viability and more)
­ - Digital camera.

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