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Automated semen analysis and diagnosis systems

PROISER is a company dedicated to developing customized solutions for sperm analysis. The company belongs to the ARQUIMEA Group and has merged with Zoitech to boost their capabilities and solutions in animal reproduction

PROiSER R+D is a company focused on research and development of automatic diagnostic systems. Our main line of products is ISAS (Integrated Sperm Analysis System) family, composed by CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) systems – Sperm Analyzers, re-usable and disposable counting chambers and other tools needed for sperm analysis.

Our sperm analyzers, also called CASA systems, are one of the most advanced technological solutions for sperm analysis. Our products are able to analyze more than 2000 sperm cells per field, or more than 80000 sperm cells per analysis, or to analyze motility, concentration and morphology at the same time, among other characteristics. Smart and fast equipments that allow you to get the best balanced doses dilution for seminal doses production, or to realize a full clinical seminal analysis in few seconds.

Sistemas CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis)

Proiser R+D, S.L. was founded in February of 2004 by Dr Carles Soler (Professor at Valencia University) And Mr Francisco Blasco (Informatics Engineer). Both had been working together since 1996 developing CASA (Computer assisted Semen Analysis) systems for other companies.

Solutions in sperm analysis




ISAS v1 has been developed as a system which gathers tools to be used in both clinic and research. Its application fields are human and veterinarian clinic, scientific research, livestock production and pharmaceutical and reproductive toxicology.



ISAS-Lab ® allows seminal reviews in the ordinary circumstances of a laboratory for analysis, both for the determination of semen quality, as the monitoring of samples during processing in assisted reproductive techniques.



Spermatozoa are recognized by tail-detection! Sperm is digitally “washed” by morphologic analysis! Motility & Concentration & Morphology are done at the same time! Accurate concentration!

SpermTrack - Semen Analysis


Following the semen droplet displacement procedure, SPERMTRACK eliminates most disadvantages presented by less efficient products found in the market. SPERMTRACK design facilitates its use in the microscope and also during cleaning, manipulation and storing.

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