PROISER R+D strengthens its presence in Latin America, attending at the VII AVEMERE Congress

The Venezuelan Association of Reproductive Medicine (In spanish, AVEMERE), has organized the 7th edition of its congress, in Caracas. Many specialists has assisted from Japan, Argentina, Uruguay, and Mexico.

This meeting has been an opportunity to approximate the company to Venezuela. Our colleagues Almudena Garcia and Daznia Bompart have travelled to Caracas, to present our latests contributions to the Clinical Andrology, and to share the latests advances of Assisted Reproduction with all the attendants.

We would like to acknowledge the opportunity provided by the congress organization, and also all the support before and during the event.

PROISER R+D brings its novelties in andrology to the ESHRE annual meeting

As it is now traditional, PROISER R+D is attending to the ESHRE 2016 meeting at booth A25, with all the innovations developed during the last year.

These innovations includes ISAS® 3DTrack, the new and groundbreaking system to analyse sperm motility in 3D, based on «without-lens» laser microscopy.

The attendees can check also the last version of Trumorph®, the new universal technique for the observation and analysis of the morphology of live sperm.

The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology organizes its annual meeting in Helsinki, from 4th to 6th of July.

The Scientific Manager of PROISER R+D participates in the pre-congress of the Reproduction group of AVEPA

Talk that Dr. Carles Soler will impart will focus on the importance of cell morphology in evaluation of semen quality.


The Association of Spanish Veterinarians specialists in small animals (AVEPA) organizes in Zaragoza, from 8 to 9 April, the XV Congress of Veterinary Specialties. It is a meeting point between different interest groups of AVEPA (ethology, ophthalmology, Oncology, dermatology, surgery and reproduction).

The study of the cell morphology is part of the analysis carried out to seminal sample to determine its quality. As well as the analysis of motility, it presents the same problems associated with the subjectivity of the analysis. “Large” or “round” are adjectives used in the classification of cell, being difficult to standardise these concepts. In addition, morphological analysis, so far, has involved, up to now, staining of cells and their associated processes: dehydration, fixing and mounting of histological preparations. This means that cells observed under the microscope have suffered alterations in its architecture.

The technique and the Trumorph® device will be presented at the Congress as a pioneering system in the morphological observation without alteration of the cellular structure, since it is based on the immobilization of cells by the application of pressure and heat on a slide and coverslip. The main objective is to standardize the way of preparation and evaluation of sperm samples, in a way that can be established a new objective and universal classification.

 Prof. Carles Soler talk will take place on Thursday 7 April, from 7pm to 8pm in the Veterinary Faculty of Zaragoza.