COVID-19 and fertility

COVID-19 and fertility

Right now we are in an unexpected situation, we knew what was happening, but not the severity of the virus in our society. What is the relationship between COVID-19 and fertility.

Today there are many doubts about how this epidemic can affect our near and distant future. Maybe it will not be everything like before until after a while.

Currently, very little information is available about COVID-19 and its effects on fertility.

A group of scientists in Beijing, according to a pre-publication on the medRxiv platform, carried out a study for establish the relationship between COVID-19 and fertility, where they compared the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) of 81 infected patients of childbearing age with the level of hormone of 100 healthy males.

This study has been the first direct test of the effect of the virus on male fertility and this requires much more attention, especially in men of childbearing age. In any case, the authors acknowledge that the study is limited, since no evidence of the virus has been found in semen, which could be more damage at the genital level than in the production of sperm.

The study was carried out in a small number of individuals, which should increase the N and observe if the result is maintained or could be due to stress or medication.

It is important to note that in mid-March the Government of the Chinese province of Hubei published a report in which specialists in the field of reproduction warned that the infection could damage the male reproductive system. A few hours later the report was removed from the government’s website.


COVID-19 and fertility