ISASP – The most successful solution for evaluation of seminal samples

A system for evaluation of seminal samples that will help you save a lot of time in the analysis of your samples for the doses that you need.

Proiser provides you with a series of solutions for the evaluation of seminal samples of any kind. As we have previously showed, our ISASv1 software is multi-species and gives you the possibility to acquire a lot of information about the sample.

For many of us so much information is not necessary, since the important thing is the quality of the doses that we can produce. In this case, we offer you the ISASP series, they are analysis software for production. These softwares are more specific for species such as swine, bovine, fox, equine and rabbits.

These softwares have a simple interface. In it you can place all relevant information of the animal and the configuration of useful sperm per dose.

It is an easy option to make the most of time and ensure the amount of doses you can get.

In the main window you will have available:



  • Analytic data of the case
  1. Case reference
  2. Date and hour
  3. Sampletype
  4. Collector
  5. Operator
  6. Doses volume


  • Capture, análisis and data saving
  1. Capture field and anañysis
  2. Save and new analysis


  • Capture window
  • General information display and doses calculation
  • Files management and set-up


The system analyzes motility, concentration and morphology characteristics, cell by cell. You can work with fresh samples as frozen, following the appropriate protocol.

The softwares can also generate two different reports, both in Excel. One refers to the analysis you are doing, the other a list of all there ports that you have previously generated between two dates and / or animal reference.


ISASP is your best solution for the evaluation of seminal samples of the production farms !!